Military Nylon Webbing

High strength synthetic webbing perfect for your equipment and backpack needs.

Can't find something you like? We can develop webbing to meet your unique needs.

Style  AA-55301 T/3

Width Available 

1" (other types & widths available)

Min. Break Strength 1000# per inch

Style  Mil-W-4088 T/7 C/1A

Width Available 

1 23/32"

Min. Break Strength 6000# per inch

Style  MIL-W-4088 T/13

Width Available 

1 23/32"

Min. Break Strength 7000# per inch

Style  Mil-W-17337 C/1A

Width Available 

3/4”, 1", 1.5”, 2”, 3”, 3.5"

Min. Break Strength varies by width

Style  MIL-T-4088 T/8

Width Available 

1 23/32""

Min. Break Strength 4000# per inch

Style Mil-W-4088 T/17 Military Nylon Webbing

Style  Mil-W-4088 T/17

Width Available 


Min. Break Strength 2500# per inch

Style Mil-W-4088 T/3 C/1A Military Nylon Webbing

Style  Mil-W-4088 T/3 C/1A

Width Available 


Min. Break Strength 800# per inch

Style Mil-T-4088 T/12 C/1A Military Nylon Webbing

Style  MIL-T-4088 T/12 C/1A

Width Available 

1 23/32"

Min. Break Strength 1200# per inch

Style  MIL-W-4088 T/26 C/1A

Width Available 

1 23/32"

Min. Break Strength 15000# per inch

Style Mil-T-5038 T/3 Military Nylon Webbing
Style Mil-W-5625 C/1A Military Nylon Webbing

Style  Mil-T-5038 T/3

Width Available 

1" other types and widths available

Min. Break Strength 525# per inch

Style  Mil-W-5625 C/1A

Width Available 

1"shown, 1/2”, 5/8”, ¾” available

Min. Break Strength varies

Not all colors are available in all styles or widths from stock and may require a minimum order.