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Military Nylon Webbing

High strength synthetic webbing perfect for your equipment and backpack needs.

Can't find something you like? We can develop webbing to meet your unique needs.

Style AA55301 Military Nylon Webbing

Style  AA-55301 T/3

Width Available 

1" (other types & widths available)

Min. Break Strength 1000# per inch

Style Mil-W-4088 T/7 C/1A

Style  Mil-W-4088 T/7 C/1A

Width Available 

1 23/32"

Min. Break Strength 6000# per inch

Style Mil-W-4088 T/13 Military Nylon Webbing

Style  MIL-W-4088 T/13

Width Available 

1 23/32"

Min. Break Strength 7000# per inch

style Mil-W-17337 C/1A Military Nylon Webbing

Style  Mil-W-17337 C/1A

Width Available 

3/4”, 1", 1.5”, 2”, 3”, 3.5"

Min. Break Strength varies by width

Style Mil-T-4088 T/8 Military Nylon Webbing

Style  MIL-T-4088 T/8

Width Available 

1 23/32""

Min. Break Strength 4000# per inch

Style Mil-W-4088 T/17 Military Nylon Webbing

Style  Mil-W-4088 T/17

Width Available 


Min. Break Strength 2500# per inch

Style Mil-W-4088 T/3 C/1A Military Nylon Webbing

Style  Mil-W-4088 T/3 C/1A

Width Available 


Min. Break Strength 800# per inch

Style Mil-T-4088 T/12 C/1A Military Nylon Webbing

Style  MIL-T-4088 T/12 C/1A

Width Available 

1 23/32"

Min. Break Strength 1200# per inch

Style Mil-W-4088 T/26 C/1A Military Nylon Webbing

Style  MIL-W-4088 T/26 C/1A

Width Available 

1 23/32"

Min. Break Strength 15000# per inch

Style Mil-T-5038 T/3 Military Nylon Webbing
Style Mil-W-5625 C/1A Military Nylon Webbing

Style  Mil-T-5038 T/3

Width Available 

1" other types and widths available

Min. Break Strength 525# per inch

Style  Mil-W-5625 C/1A

Width Available 

1"shown, 1/2”, 5/8”, ¾” available

Min. Break Strength varies

Not all colors are available in all styles or widths from stock and may require a minimum order.

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