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Cotton Webbing

Natural webbing perfect for your bag and belt needs.

Can't find something you like? We can develop webbing to meet your unique needs.

Style 3-FSC (Red, white and blue) Cotton Webbing

Style  #3-FSC

Weave to order


Style  #205-100 Blue Line

Weave to order

2" (100 ft rolls)

Style  #120

Weave to order

0.625", 0.75", 1" (100 yd rolls)


Style  #205H Pastels

Weave to order

2" (50 yd rolls)

Style  #205

1.5", 2" in Natural

and Black (50 yd rolls)

All other sizes weave to order


Style  #205 Red/Blue Line

Weave to order

2" (50 yd rolls)

 Style 386 Cotton Webbing
Style 387 Cotton Webbing
Style 500 Twill Tape Cotton Webbing

Style  #386

1",1.25" Natural (50 yd rolls)

All other colors weave to order

Style  #387

Stocked in natural and black 1",1.5",2"
Weave to order 0.75", 1.25", 3"

(50 yd rolls)

Style  #500 Twill Tape

Weave to order

'0.5", 0.75", 1", 1.5" (72 yd rolls) 

Not all colors are available in all styles or widths from stock and may require a minimum order.

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